The One

Often we meet someone and ask, “Is this the “one”?Are you the “one”? We ourselves don’t even know what it means. Yet, we seek it. While we do, people come into our lives, show us attention, and we know we have fallen.

We don’t seek the “one”, but we stumble upon them. They weren’t dropped into our lives, just suddenly, they are there. We can go for days and not want to talk to anyone, but we need to tell them so much. We can stay in our little closet of the world, but something will happen and your two worlds will collide. Afterwards, not a day will pass that either of you will be able to let those feelings go. From the moment your hands meet and your fingers are gently interwoven; so will your souls.

You were not the first person to hold their hand, but they will be the only “one” to touch your soul, before your lips or your bodies meet. And that is a feeling you will never forget.


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