Musically Inclined

Always enjoyed listening to music, and some days it’s all I can do to find you still. New music doesn’t interest me as old songs do. Maybe it’s a fast song with a catchy beat that moves me to the edge of my seat; you would say, “It scares you.”  Perhaps, it’s slow and melancholy; enough to escape the sadness, but not enough to fill the emptiness. The songs of James Taylor that leave you breathless and spent. There are days I see you smile and others, and I hear you laugh. Some remind me of the worry in your eyes,  while sometimes, I wish I could feel you near, even though you are miles away. They say, “Music is the voice of the soul, and it can move you in ways mere words cannot.” Music moves me, but until it drives me back into your arms, where love seeps through my skin, warms my blood, and bonds to the soul in me? I can honestly say, I get through the day with words; although, I have lost my voice. Regardless of the music that plays, I have misplaced the very part of me that was at one time, musically inclined. And all that’s left are the words I write when I can’t get you out of my head.


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