There are thousands of blogs today that contain music or television or film or all three. Some of the major carriers have more. As part of Voltron Entertainment’s Media and Publicity team, we are a group of bloggers, writer, and radio hosts in the US and UK, who spend time collectively interviewing chosen talent dropping music, or hitting the stages near you. The information we promote for our performers and artists is legitimate material from direct conversation within an interview. We do not spy, or spoof,  or snoop on other people or what they are saying, and we do not write gossip, nor do we ask any negative or positive questions about gossip. Everything we promote and publish is truthful. Feel free to browse this section and learn about this talent. Soundcloud provided music clips for those with recorded music, and links are always provided. Social Media links for following, listening and learning more about what these men and women are doing in the present, and have plans for the upcoming future are available with each post. So feel free to listen up, watch and see, or just take note of these up and coming, if not already out on the scene artists.