Keeping Eyes On Technology of Identity to Ourselves

New technologies are now being introduced into telecommunication systems. The increasing vulnerability of these systems, and enhancing securities of databases improved the security and reliability of databases. New technologies in iris technology recognition aims at being improved as a level of recognition technology, and has recently been introduced as a facilitated process of authentication. AtContinue reading “Keeping Eyes On Technology of Identity to Ourselves”

University Antics, the SAE, OU, Oh Wow!

Just recently, some university antics has become the topic of discussion in Oklahoma, and I am certain you are aware. So let’s consider, you haven’t had time to realize that every talk show in America has grabbed this story, as well as tabloids, newspaper, and students in other fraternities.”Brenda, you mean everyone is talking aboutContinue reading “University Antics, the SAE, OU, Oh Wow!”