Changing of the Guard

I know this isn’t the proper procedure for a blog, but I am not happy with the format I have been going with this time, either. This morning, I woke up and the thought occurred, I just want to write. So here I am, doing what I started this blog for. Today’s “Changing of the Guard” was sparked by the happenings over the weekend. The world really takes a toll on the introverted, hypersensitive person who becomes a writer. The blog becomes the oyster. The computer becomes the sounding board. However, the back of the arm, is still the place that feels the tears the most.

I will never fully understand how the outside world, rattles the psyche of others so intensely. For example, Danielle Downey, former LPGA and NCAA Champion in Women’s Golf and current coach for Auburn, was killed in a car accident at the age of 33. She had such a career behind her, and an amazing future ahead of her. She had so much to give, and was willing to give everything she had to others. It is not for the frail human mind to understand why these things happen. Instead life leaves us riddled with phrases of “Bad things happen to good people,” or “Only the good, die young,” or “It was just her time.”

The police say she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. So the question remains, would it have mattered? Was it her time to go? These are the questions we are not privy to the answers to. Just like addiction? It is a cruel and painful world inside addiction. I do not have first hand knowledge, but I have second-hand knowledge of what it can do. Let me be the first to say, it can rob you of everything you hold dear, and then some. I hear people forever saying, “That person was a drug addict, and they got what was coming to them,” or “I have no sympathy for them.” I guess these people have been perfect all of their lives. They have never been tempted by evil, or been flawed in any way, yet. If they haven’t, they will. I hope they are saved from a life of loss. I have always believed it is only by the grace of God we do not all stumble and fall. Some of us do, and when we go too far, past the point of no return, and we beg for help and forgiveness, maybe that is when HE comes?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman left this world over the weekend. Leaving behind, a wife and three children. Also behind him was career as an actor and director, and a bright future ahead. I cannot see him intentionally ending his life. However, I can see him wanting to end his addiction. I can see him, asking for help, and I can see intervention. This is the only way I can make sense of any of this when things like this happen. I do not know why Danielle Downey was taken so soon. Maybe something was looming ahead, that she would be unable to carry forward on her own.

Bad things did happen to two good people, and it is so saddening to me. What’s more saddening are those left behind to grieve. They also will never understand the “why.” Just the same, I would hope in an effort of humanity, we could all take a brief inventory of where we have been, and where we could have been if we had not been offered a choice. Think about our children and where they are, and how far they have to go. Remember before we start posting negative and hateful comments, that none of us got here on our own, and we have a ways to go. No one has empty hands, so before we start trying to pick up those stones to throw, that the only ONE with empty hands, had hands full of blood. HE let things go, and maybe we should let things go too.