Tyrese Gibson’s, Black Rose has Bloomed

Occasionally, even a notable singer such as Tyrese Gibson, will deliver a music album so revolutionary, it is difficult not to consider any other being more, well-crafted. The release of the double album, Black Rose, a derivative of a documentary, a book and a testament to the laughter, the tears, the pain, and the sacrifice of twenty years from the bus to the studio, mimics just that.
Black Rose became number One on July 10, 2015, in twelve countries within three days. Treasured genres with Snoop Dogg’s rapping softly, with Brandy, Chrisette Michele, Jennifer Hudson, and Tank kissing the neck of R&B; this sensual album intertwined with introspective lyrics, introduces a subtle seduction, coupled with remorse and revelation, and drowned in faith.

Black Rose
Black Rose Soundtrack

Tyrese’s sultry voice explored the feelings of a broken man yearning for physical and spiritual peace. From track to track, his voice lured you with a smooth intimacy, somewhat reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s seductive and addictive sound. This was quite ironic to me, as the first track, Addict began the subtle, seduction and commission to each track that followed on the first four on this album.
Shame feat. Jennifer Hudson, the first release, reaches to the depths of the vocalist, and confronts the listener with questionable submission, followed by a diverse set of emotions ranging from remorse, pain, loss, and resonation. The realization you are about to experience the best of Tyrese Gibson, awakens a sense of presence within, and you feel the steady sense of sensuality, and reminiscent of the addiction. And if you heard Marvin Gaye in Tyrese’s voice, then you can expect some “sexual healing”, which the “Babyboy” delivers in one my most personally played tracks, Body Language.

Tyrese Gibson- Shame, feat. Jennifer Hudson

This album is a true enlightenment, and a statement to the honest and transparent man Tyrese Gibson is today. Black Rose represents the presence of mind and where the music and this journey has taken Tyrese. The most intimate details of his wavering relationships in love expressed in each track on this album, signify growth, and a renewed positivity. Tyrese has endured two years of emotional reverberation and has emerged victorious- a black rose growing through concrete.
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