As people make health conscious choices to lose weight, live healthier, live longer, whatever the reason; It isn’t common for those people to become disenchanted or to lose motivation. What happened to those people who were determined to change? Some start with simple solutions, and when they do not work quickly, they give up. Others use supplements (vitamins and proteins) instead of key minerals, to keep up good health, and their bodies soon become depleted from hydration issues, or immunity issues. Some stop due to ongoing health issues, or even new health issues that arise from improper sports fitness programs, or improper mechanics during fitness and exercise regimes. There are many health and fitness sites out there, and many will offer information on how and what to do if you want to shape up, lose weight, and look like the trainer and the front page of their magazine. A few things to consider about health such as, do you have any type of medications that you take on a daily basis, such as something for high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid medication, or perhaps an aspirin each day. All of these are important for various reasons, but the main reason is, YES! Consult your doctor first, if you take any medication. Not because you do take a medication for blood pressure per say, but because some blood pressure medications can make you dizzy if your blood pressure spikes due to something like, heavy exercise. Good to know, since you would not want to stand in the front of the class, get dizzy and pass out. A few things to consider about nutrition such as, do you eat often, or do you eat too often. You need to know what type of diet you are own. Trainers are rarely nosy people, and questions about your current type and level of nutrition is important, especially if you want to gain muscle, you need protein. If you go to the gym and workout for six weeks and never eat meats or other forms of protein, even if it is a protein shake, you will disappointed when you flex in front of the mirror. A few things to consider about fitness, well I guess these referenced fitness right, well yes and no. The fitness I am referring, concerns endurance. You can consume the proper nutrition, and be healthy, but not be fit. Fitness is measured over a time. If I asked you to walk a quarter-mile, the duration for you to do this task could be fifteen minutes, or it may take you thirty minutes. If you walk every other day for 12 weeks, if you started at thirty minutes, your fitness level will improve, in the several minutes it takes you to walk that distance. Now we understand the difference, feel free to browse the three, and many more that come along. Also included will be new health topics, exercises, latest and best workouts and the best clothing to buy for whatever you decide to do to have you squared away in all three categories.