School Seasons Are Changing and So Are Selections

There’s so many people watching Big Bang Theory these days, you would think the ‘Evolution Theory’ would have a lesson plan rolled out. However, that really isn’t appropriate for lower class, middle class, or elementary students. The concept though; it is still there right? You could play the theme song, and still have the jestContinue reading “School Seasons Are Changing and So Are Selections”

Will Time Yield Compassion To True Love, Amidst the Rolling Waters Of Religion?

This week has brought about much turmoil in the lives of some, and much excitement for others. The Unites States Supreme Court ruled last Friday in a ruling of 5-4, same-sex couples would be provided protection under the U.S. Constitution, and the right to wed in this country. So many people have since then, becomeContinue reading “Will Time Yield Compassion To True Love, Amidst the Rolling Waters Of Religion?”


Hunter Frederick founded Frederick & Associates in 2010 for the entertainment industry. Realizing the need for crisis strategies and intervention, he quickly enrolled in the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute’s Crisis Negotiations Program through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute. His reality for those who would need his services for crisis strategies, have grown from the entertainmentContinue reading “U.S. FAITH BASED FIRM TURNS CRISIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT”


The National Conservative Student Conference is in its 37th year of uniting college students with their individual freedoms. Each year students meet to hear from policy leaders, activists, and many others who choose a platform of education, economics, and conservatism surrounding traditional values, to reach out to this select group of college students. Their goalContinue reading “NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE STUDENT CONFERENCE DISCUSSES FUTURE FOR U.S.”


The Presbyterian Church and missions have been one of the most active around the world. Over the years, Christian led missionaries, have successfully assisted in building churches and schools, and hospitals under a partnership known as the PC (USA). Marking their 178th Anniversary of achievements and aid this year, the church focuses on missions byContinue reading “PARTNERSHIP DIVIDE OVER AMERICA’S RELIGIOUS PRACTICES”

NOAH and the Ark of Strife Caused On and Off Screen

I have heard so much about the movie, NOAH. It has amazed me what has transpired from this, but it also pretty impressive. I haven’t seen the movie, yet. I will see it though, because I feel any movie that would inspire people to look for scriptures in their Bible to refute it, or perhapsContinue reading “NOAH and the Ark of Strife Caused On and Off Screen”

Changing of the Guard

I know this isn’t the proper procedure for a blog, but I am not happy with the format I have been going with this time, either. This morning, I woke up and the thought occurred, I just want to write. So here I am, doing what I started this blog for. Today’s “Changing of theContinue reading “Changing of the Guard”