Seasons, Reasons and Resolutions

The time has come for the end; when the proverbial “pen hits the paper.” I’m not referring to taxes, but year-end resolutions. We all make them, and we’ve all broken them, but this year is different. This year is the year for positive changes. These changes will set the course for how, not just this,Continue reading “Seasons, Reasons and Resolutions”

What’s Wrong with Television?

        You ever wonder what happened to television? What happened to shows like Little House on the Prairie, The Walton’s – the good wholesome family shows that used to come on when we were growing up? The ones that come on now like The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Degrassi; what has happened toContinue reading “What’s Wrong with Television?”

The Aches and Pains of Growing Up

Every day I hear stories about the “good ole days.” Typically, I have heard adults refer to the “good ole days” with fond memories and stories that go on for hours at a time.  Times have changed so much. I now hear stories about “graduating from high school,” as being the “good ole days.”  ItContinue reading “The Aches and Pains of Growing Up”