Fragments of the Heart

Life is hard. I understand not every person who comes into our lives are meant to stay. At times, we want more, and we cling to the hourglass, as the sands of each fragment are washed away by my tears. Whether it is my tortured mind, fragmented by moments and memories, or the ache of my body, replaying every tender caress. My mind, body, and soul fragmented by the feelings within, yearn to interlace our fingers with each other. The warmth of your hand, molded into mine and made just for me; how it haunts me, as mine lies empty, my arms lie empty, and body craves to feel your breath on my neck once again.

Day or night, I still feel your body pressed against mine in a loving embrace. I read the words etched on paper, and I hear the songs with hidden messages within. Maybe, it’s only the imagination that sees you- a glimpse of your shadow- as words are silenced in my throat, and I catch my breath as I look back. Was it you, or was it just me, again.

There are times when my brain rebels and says, “No more will you cling to hope, these memories are banished.” My body screams against it, and within the fire slowly dies in this cruel reality. Yes, there’s a reason for everything. It’s just that life is hard enough without the pain of this fragmented heart. Life is so hard, without you.

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