The One Who…

We will meet many people in our lifetimes. Each person you meet will serve some purpose, but not all of them will be positive. Each person is neatly tucked away with a label of our choosing. Some will be friends, some enemies, some acquaintances, and some we will choose to remain as strangers. Some will be a combination of each of these people, and we classify them as “people I know.” Each of these people will bring something or many things to your life. Perhaps it is confidence, laughter, shame, disappointment, or anger, but whatever they bring with them, they also leave something behind for you.  Regardless, they have each served a purpose or provided a lesson for you to hold. And you know these people are meant to be “people I know” for you are more comfortable with the memories, than the people.

There will be one person who you find who seems to be a four-leaf clover. This person may be that someone for whom you never looked. You just happened upon them, and no matter how much you long to, need to, or want to leave them as a stranger? Leaving them behind is as if you are losing a piece of you – your heart, your life, your light, and your soul. This person will be beautiful, even on their worst days. They will be stern and scolding at times, but you understand that they are only doing so in love. Everything about that person is as familiar to you as if you had known them your whole life. This person will feel they have no place in the world. They will feel cast aside, like an old comfortable blanket. Even on their worst day, your heart is full, and you only wish they could see themselves through your eyes. And no matter how many times you tell them you love them, you show them in the things you do; they still wonder “why me”? Sometimes it is all you can do to like them. For this is the person, you will feel in your heart every day of your life. This person makes you strong when you are vulnerable. This person you smell, feel, and long for when you are sad or hurt. This person you do not want to be without today, tonight or tomorrow.  Above all, this is the one person with whom you want to be weak.


Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 1.11.58 PM
Poetry by adrian michael / @adrianmichaelgreen


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