We Are One

We call them partners, lost loves, a part of the past not gone from our heart; for some, this is merely a break-up. It is a means to an end that brings about the room in our lives for the person to whom we were “meant” to be. These people come along once in a lifetime. They are our “Sleepless in Seattle,” our “The Notebook,” our  “You’ve Got Mail” kind of love. Enter one person into your life who touches a part of you, not even you feel you knew you had.

You may have spent days, weeks, months, or years looking for that someone to be your other half. The other person who comes into your life and makes the two of you, a couple. Then, there are our soul mates. These people are not your ultimate desire. The soul mate is much broader than the physical. This person does not make you forget your life from before you met them but will change the way your saw life – it is as if life is more meaningful now. You consider the relationships before, and although, you have shared chemistry with others, it’s just no longer there, once your soulmate arrives. The term soul is what changes with your mate. You can have a mate who loves you, cares for you, and provides you with comfort. Your soul mate offers: 1) unconditional love, 2) brings a sense of peace to your world when you feel out of sorts, 3) supports your dreams even if they change, 4) provide you with nurturing and presence, 5) prepares your heart to live in contentment or full of grace, 6) the soul mate makes you a better person, 7) the soul mate encourages you to do right by you, by them, and by others, and most important, 8) the soul mate feels connected to you ~ they are known to you.  There is no greater love than when two soul mates meet. The passion of love found is one love that has been there all along. It’s as if you are waking up from a dream; that dream being the life you had before. The life where a couple or a mate from the past, seems to be a stranger at times. Once two people come together, they become a couple. Once two soul mates come together, they become one person, whole once again.

Perhaps we will all meet the one who confirms we are not alone in this world. We carry love in our hearts, our thoughts, our very souls. We know this person was not meant to be absent from our lives because once is just enough to remember every detail of every encounter you had with this person. From the moment you met, your heart began to beat, not as two lub-dubs, but as one. It’s so hard to explain how this feels, but the part that defies explanation is why? Why would we meet someone who would not be part of our lives? Why would a soulmate enter your life, make it worth living, and then exit, as if part of a game? Love is not a revolving door, but your heart will seek many turns, love many people; until you realize, “what is true love?” It’s a combination of so many things ~ “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I have been looking for you all of my life”; most certain of all is when the feelings for you, turn to us. Once those feelings turn to we, the two of you and I, will have become one.


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