Moments suspended in time; how they linger in nature’s delicate hands. I often marvel at the simple reminders I encounter. From the discovery of conversations, holding your hand, or the warmth of your body as you held me close – all such little things that change like the seasons. From a Spring day in May, when meeting you felt oddly familiar. Summer welcomed every minute through each other’s eyes. What a magical place to be!

Why is it always something about the Fall? As time’s symbol of change, I should be prepared for it. The colors on the leaves, the falling through the air, so delicately touching the ground; and you drifting further away. Like looking through memories of time, photos remind me of a place where time stood still. You must travel back sometimes to revisit?

I suppose I stay in the cold Decembers of the year. There I feel the summer warmth, bask in the awe of Spring, and feel the autumn fall like rain, I still sense the cold, and I shudder. The cold rain falls and I remember that change was the only option we had. Throughout the days of tears and the feeling of my heart being torn into pieces; I still long for a harvest moon, the touch of your hand, and your smile.

I wonder, will visit me in my dreams tonight? Will I feel nature’s warmth, as the sun peeks through the clouds like Spring? Will the crispness of Winter freeze our hearts as it pushes the winds of change? Perhaps, the Summer sun will warm me as your embrace did; or it could just be the Fall. The rains of time could return and remind me of yesterday, and the tomorrow that misses us every day.

Do you feel the chill, as I do? The coldness that surrounds you and the warmth of my body in your arms stir the memories? And once again, when Autumn is upon us, my tears fall and I miss you. And for me, every rain of every season brings another day for me to remember the fall.

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