Every Time

As the days pass and time is moved by numbers, hand chosen moments can’t erase you. Every time the day, marked with the uncertainty of the last day approaches, every moment remains preserved in the sun that warms my face. And I wonder if you feel it too. Other times, it is the moon, and I wonder if you are staring back at me. Every time, I think of you.

Every time the minutes turn to seconds, the memories sift through my heart’s hourglass. Sands of time? No, not you. You are the dust of marbles, not mere powders affected by humidity and shifts of the waves of time. You, my love, are not a clock I can stop or a watch I can remove. You are like a pocket watch on a chain, linked with beats of my heart. You are every particle that not even the tears from my eyes can displace.

No, when you sift through my mind, I still love you as timeless as my hourglass, and I smile; reliving the moments of yesterday. Not the power of the ocean, nor the winding minutes that pass can take away the love that waits for you. Time is fleeting, but there are some moments that stand still in time. And those moments are sealed in the promise of always, and in – every – time.

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