Away from the Storm

Another night looking up at the sky, and I close my eyes, tightly for just a moment. I look back over my shadow, and away. The familiar breeze surrounds me with the scent of your skin. I see your lips as your tongue moistens them. I inhale, deeply as the waves crash against me. One after another, until the footing beneath me is chased away with the touch of your hand. The waves were terrifying; I watched the fury of the water punish everything- the ships, the jagged rocks, the coastline, and yet, I am spellbound. Every time I feel my balance waiver, I feel your hand take mine. The darkness of the storm could not dim the light- your light. The staircase on my left, protects me from harm, as if you were standing next to me. Taking a deep breath, tears run down my cheeks, I see a flickering light. I turn off the switch and reach to close the door behind me. I muster a grin- I hear you say, “Let me be your lighthouse!” And once again, I reach to my left, I reach for you, and the darkness carries my heart, my love, our shadows, away from the storm.

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