Soul Lovers

How do you know who is “the ONE”? The “ONE” is the person who falls in love with your soul. Some say soulmates can be a close friend or relative. A Soul Lover is quite different. This person is closer than anyone has or will ever be. You see this person and they see you, just as the Creator made you. Both of you are flawed, damaged, and broken, but just being near you Soul Lover is as if life has begun all new. There is no greater feeling of unconditional love. A love so powerful that even the smallest break in the bond, will find you running to each other in stairwells, just to let the other know~I love every part of you, the good, the bad, the light, and the dark. Some of us have yearned for a love like this; we’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime for it and it still seems this person doesn’t exist. Once you place your hand into the matching hand of your Soul Lover; there will be no doubt that the potter molded this clay just for each of you. And the two of you will be forever joined as Soul Lovers.



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