Not Just a Pretty Face, QTJAZZ

Some people know Rhythm and Blues (RnB), and some people know Pop. Some people know both. However, these genres have grown over more than just a period of years. They have grown over people, over communities, and through culture. These each and together have experienced international fusions over social policies, over radical plights and political movements in history, and together they have survived and evolved. They are a mixture of music, vocals, writing songs, and dance- all kinds of dance, and it is, some of one and all of another of a young lady referred to as “QTJAZZ.”

photo credit to Rod at Photo Magic Studios

Pop and RnB, these aren’t just a label where you find a musical genre, they come from a history, and Jasmine “QTJAZZ” Robinson has history, which would begin from the cradle, to participating as a dancer and vocalizing at the age of three. Where most of us hear music as we grow up, and once we reach a certain age, we start downloading it or hit some streaming site to fill our devices with what we want; it is years before we know anything about the evolution of it. For this lady, she would soon go from school to auditions with her manager-mother, who was helping others record and fulfill their dreams. It wasn’t too long, before she realized, Jasmine was not who she was born to be. She had watched others fulfill their dreams in the studio, and she knew she had a place there too. She finished grammar school and made it to high school, occupying her time with extracurricular activities and skills in the areas of dance, piano, gymnastics, fashion, makeup, song and voice. She then approached her mother, and introduced her future, as “QTJAZZ.”

Learning through her younger years, and following others in their endeavors, “QTJAZZ” had realized there was a history in the music. She learned how to incorporate the music and the dance, and how to creatively include rhythm and culture. She valued all she had learned through the years, and she never forgot those she had learned from along the way. She took full advantage of paying homage to CSP recording artists, Xscape with her tribute to the group at the inception of her recording career with a remix of Understanding.

All during this blossoming of her professional life, this young lady was still transitioning through her personal life. QTJAZZ was not just a pretty face, she had substance and she struggled; she struggled the most personally, to understand giving and receiving self-love. She recalled having a hard time associating being loved with being good. Everyone goes through a personal struggle in their life, and for her, she was in the business so early, that she felt would look for positive reassurance and feedback from others as a solid affirmation of love, and when she didn’t hear it, she would take it very personally. She felt blessed to have someone to help her transition through this period, and not feel lost – her manager – or should I say, her mother. For most, there’s no way the two could be one, but for QTJAZZ, she is content with it, as she muses how other than an occasional disagreement over her style of clothes, her mom and her discuss everything. They also agree on everything, and they have a remarkable relationship, personally and professionally.

photo credit to Rod at Photo Magic Studios

This charismatic and spirited, personality with a contagious laugh, leaves no question unanswered about yesterday or tomorrow. Most people have dreams and aspirations, but QTJAZZ has a plan. Although she admits to being notorious for throwing kickbacks in her teenage years, she claims it was just an outlet. She still loves to go bowling, she loves horseback riding, and dancing, singing and writing is part of who she is. For some people, she thinks it may be something they do, but for her, it is more than that. Procrastination is her biggest adversary. She feels more normal, when she stacks her cards; and the more she does, the better she feels. She doesn’t neglect anyone having a learning experience, and she has continued to value her education. She is currently enrolled in college classes, majoring in Integrative Studies and a Focus in Business, with hopes of further her education through Fullsail University in Winter Park, Florida.

This carefree young lady, who turned 20 on October 9th, is not just a pretty face. She has taken the entertainment world in leaps of voice, and bounds of projects. With top music on Soundcloud she is performing and writing her own music. She also has a track, At Your Best, remembering recording artist Aaliyah, taken from us in 2001. QTJAZZ has traveled all over the world, and she admits she doesn’t mind missing sleep to meet her goals. Two of those goals are 1) To record with Justin Timberlake and/or Timbaland; and 2) To continue growing and expanding her cosmetic collection. She says, “Sometimes, you got to do something different, and then you have to brush it off your shoulders off when it doesn’t go off your way.” Therefore, she said she doesn’t mind pushing the envelope to get results. And results, is what she is getting.

photo credit to Rod at Photo Magic Studios

Her song, Heels, Bags is just one of the many to come. This lady has so many things coming and going, but she is in line with all of them. She wears her heels every chance she gets, and one of those places in to Coke Awards Shows and Sprite Pour Fashion, Art and Music Programs, as QTJAZZ is a Social Influence for Obey Your Thirst. This is not the only time you will see her. Celphie’s Cosmetics has picked up QT’s collection of Lip Gloss, and hopefully, she will have more colors and products to come. Performing and music is her passion, and more of that is definitely on the way, as this lady is full of so much fizz and shine, it’s going to take some serious power to keep this girl down. She may wear heels, but she dresses to dance. All you have to do is turn on the music, and those heels can’t stay on those feet. I, personally would love to see a bags collection. I just love bags.

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A blogger, columnist, educator, researcher, social media enthusiast, and writer with a zest for knowledge; Brenda is the founder of "Touring from the Park Bench"; formerly the column and now, the blog. Her diversified background has enabled her to research and write in Arts and Sciences, knowledgeably and creditably. Her writing themes include Behavioral Sciences, Christianity, Criminal Justice, Education, Fitness, Healthcare and Informatics, Lifestyle, Psychology, and Sociology. Brenda thrives on researching and learning, which has enabled her in work in Technical Writing and Communications for over five years. Though varied in her traits, she has considered the distinctions of others, as a contribution, an honor, and a privilege to behold. She acknowledges her acceptance through collaboration and communication with professionals in other disciplines, forming meaningful partnerships through the culmination of challenging projects. She feels It is through interaction that awareness, integration, and success in finding solutions to mutual problems are constructed. She sees adaptability as her best characteristic, and modesty as her worst. She currently lives in Florida with her youngest daughter and her chihuahua. She has professed in words life lessons such as learning the day is scarier than the night, for you will see the harm that befalls you, and betrayal is painful. She's learned unconditional love is never stronger as seen in the very young and in the very old. She's learned no matter what emotion a person is experiencing a cuddly puppy can make you re-evaluate so much. She's learned the only certainty in life is death- so, be ready. She's learned the most experienced emotions are forgiveness, grief and hope, and that patience is the most taught virtue. She often finds nature as deeply overwhelming and has come to realize how important grounding is for the body and soul. It’s the fleeting moments people don’t take advantage of like when caught in a rainstorm, when snowflakes begin to fall and melt as soon as they touch the warmth of your skin. AUTHOR'S WORDS~ "Have you ever watched over a cocoon, as it changes into a butterfly, or a rose bud as it blooms? It is almost like watching your children grow, all too quickly, they aren’t children anymore, and neither are you. Live life while you can for you do not get a second chance.”

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