The National Conservative Student Conference is in its 37th year of uniting college students with their individual freedoms. Each year students meet to hear from policy leaders, activists, and many others who choose a platform of education, economics, and conservatism surrounding traditional values, to reach out to this select group of college students. Their goal – inspiration.
Inspiration at this week long conference was led by noted speakers such as Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Dinesh D’Souza, Senator Mike Lee, and several others. The student audience was reminded conservative beliefs were under suppression, and these beliefs were being confined everywhere from the administration to the campus newspaper. The speakers reminded the students, they too, have a voice. They do not have to just be a reaction, but can be proactive in their freedom of speech as well.
Senator Tom Cotton was also a speaker, and his focus on Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran. This was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate activism in foreign policy, and Senator Cotton saw this as so stating, “America was founded on principles that transcend time and space. We do not share interests and values [with the Iranians]…and any deal not detrimental to the United States interests must be detrimental to Iranian interests,” he went on to explain. Iran is a mortal and unrepentant enemy. [Under President Obama’s proposed deal,] Iran pockets all the economic, political, and military advantages [of removing sanctions], and walks away with impunity.” (Lucchese, 2015)
Other speaker also spoke to the approximately 200 students, who were present, attentive, energized, and on their feet at times as speakers made their way to and from the stage. Senator Cotton’s speech on Iran and foreign policy, and how everyone should start being a part of the intellectual society, some of those should be more vocal about what needs to be, and not to be done, and others, should be active parts of tomorrow’s “bigger picture.” Speaker Newt Gingrich told the audience “their generation has the opportunity to be the greatest American generation since the Founding Fathers.” (Kellogg, 2015) D’Souza and Levin both spoke on Rhetoric, Journalism and as Authors working under the constraints of freedom of speech.
Senator Mike Lee was also present, and standing firm on his representation of the rights of Christian Universities, who are now under attack over the recent Supreme Court ruling. Lee has joined with Travis Weber of the Family Research Council, in their initiative to bring awareness of Religious Liberty under the Constitution. Weber recently, stated: “Over the past year, the Obama Administration has made clear it will use any possible method—whether contracting, grants, school funding, and now tax exempt status—to establish and enforce its view of morality on the private religious sphere by redefining marriage. If the court redefines marriage by mandating it as a constitutional right, the impact will be significant. Religious organizations must be left free to determine their own beliefs, which cannot be co-opted by the State. The Government Non-Discrimination Act would prevent the federal government from discriminating against people because of their belief in natural marriage. We urge Congress to act to pass this vital legislation.” (Chao, 2015) This coming after the Internal Revenue Service has made it certain, Christian Universities will face loss of their tax-exempt status, if they do not support same sex marriages.
In the wake of these and other keynote speakers, reaching out and asking others to be recognized, even as students, to be public representation for the conservatives of the future. Emily Jashinski was present at the conference, and she was asked for what she had gathered, and what the feeling was in the room post conference. Jashinski responded, “So to hear speakers say things like that, especially to young Americans, is really energizing. It makes you want to go out and start pushing back against the bias that you encounter in this world, whether it’s in the media or in the college classroom.” (Kellogg, 2015) From all evidence presented, inspiration was what these speakers hoped to bring to the students at the National Conservative Conference this year. From the reaction of the students during, after, and from Jashinski’s comments, it appears, inspiration was indeed, delivered in a most embraced fashion.

Our Two Cents:
Inspiration comes in a variety of messages. The most easily conveyed of all is one I, myself read repeated on of all places, Twitter on Sunday. Marsha Wright uses a twenty-four hour period to spread positivity. Message after message, and post and picture, one phrase, verse, scripture, or perhaps, a subtle reminder appeared, “Train your mind to see the good in everything.” Have you ever wondered, “Is God speaking to me?” If I see something too many times, like this message, repeatedly falling on my page, is it most certainly, a message, or just a non-essential post.
If posing a question such as this, turn to the word of God; in 1 John, Chapter 4, Verse 1 “Dear friends, stop believing every spirit. Instead, test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Test the spirits… We do this by learning; we become committed to learning anything and everything we can about the truth. Within each of us is a moral compass, and we use it to move us from one decision to the next; the next being truly like our Father. HE loves, without judgment. HE loves, without condemnation. HE loves, without any expectation of love in return. HE is love. HE is light. HE is everything HE wants us to.
In presenting the question, we again turn to the word of God; in Luke, Chapter 6, Verses 32-36 “If you love those who love you, what thanks do you deserve? Why, even sinners love those who love them. If you do good to those who do good to you, what thanks do you deserve? Even sinners do that. If you lend to those from whom you expect to get something back, what thanks do you deserve? Even sinners lend to sinners to get back what they lend. Instead, love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them, expecting nothing in return. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind even to ungrateful and evil people. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”
Most of all, is in the listening. If you are prepared spiritually, to hear? God will speak, and you will hear, you will see, you will feel. God will get your attention. Many messages have been given to us lately. Words of man, words of a President, still a man; words of Congress; just men and women; words of judges; just men and women; words of liberal and conservative people; still just people. Listen for the message you need to hear. Listen for your inspiration.

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A blogger, columnist, educator, researcher, social media enthusiast, and writer with a zest for knowledge; Brenda is the founder of "Touring from the Park Bench"; formerly the column and now, the blog. Her diversified background has enabled her to research and write in Arts and Sciences, knowledgeably and creditably. Her writing themes include Behavioral Sciences, Christianity, Criminal Justice, Education, Fitness, Healthcare and Informatics, Lifestyle, Psychology, and Sociology. Brenda thrives on researching and learning, which has enabled her in work in Technical Writing and Communications for over five years. Though varied in her traits, she has considered the distinctions of others, as a contribution, an honor, and a privilege to behold. She acknowledges her acceptance through collaboration and communication with professionals in other disciplines, forming meaningful partnerships through the culmination of challenging projects. She feels It is through interaction that awareness, integration, and success in finding solutions to mutual problems are constructed. She sees adaptability as her best characteristic, and modesty as her worst. She currently lives in Florida with her youngest daughter and her chihuahua. She has professed in words life lessons such as learning the day is scarier than the night, for you will see the harm that befalls you, and betrayal is painful. She's learned unconditional love is never stronger as seen in the very young and in the very old. She's learned no matter what emotion a person is experiencing a cuddly puppy can make you re-evaluate so much. She's learned the only certainty in life is death- so, be ready. She's learned the most experienced emotions are forgiveness, grief and hope, and that patience is the most taught virtue. She often finds nature as deeply overwhelming and has come to realize how important grounding is for the body and soul. It’s the fleeting moments people don’t take advantage of like when caught in a rainstorm, when snowflakes begin to fall and melt as soon as they touch the warmth of your skin. AUTHOR'S WORDS~ "Have you ever watched over a cocoon, as it changes into a butterfly, or a rose bud as it blooms? It is almost like watching your children grow, all too quickly, they aren’t children anymore, and neither are you. Live life while you can for you do not get a second chance.”

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