University Antics, the SAE, OU, Oh Wow!

Just recently, some university antics has become the topic of discussion in Oklahoma, and I am certain you are aware. So let’s consider, you haven’t had time to realize that every talk show in America has grabbed this story, as well as tabloids, newspaper, and students in other fraternities.”Brenda, you mean everyone is talking about it, and even the fraternities are finding ways to stop this before it starts, right? Actually, no. I am saying that anyone who has “ever been denied entry” has a story just like this one. “One night at a rush party for all potential new members, someone had a song just like this.” Well that is if you are below the Mason-Dixon line, because that is really the only place where racism exists anymore, correct?

Just this week, a student at a university where I used to attend as a student, and worked in the administrative division, announced he had been present to the very same thing, only the “N” word wasn’t used, it was the word “coon”. If you have never heard this interchange, please refer to movies such as “Remember the Titans”, or “Forrest Gump” for references. This is where most people will find this play on words and race. That is the first time I had ever heard it used. Back to the student, who referenced this at an incident at the university. There was an article by the local newspaper where the students were asked about what “they know about racism on campus.” Most of them of course came right on through for their fifteen minutes of fame, and clearly said it is a clear and present phenomenon. Then of course the one who advised he was at the school, and observed the event.

Let me just say, “Dear student, the reason the other student received so much play, was because he declined to go to a university who would allow such atrocity within.” You should have marched right up to Wiley Tower, and asked to see President Les Guice, or Vice President Stan Napper. Neither of whom would have turned a deaf ear to your plight. Advise them you felt uncomfortable attending a university such as this. Within minutes and miles is another university, Grambling State University, GSU, which is geographically located and would have taken you as a student. So why now? Why wait until another university waves the flag, before you yell, “Oh, me too!”

You see in my role, I did not just huddle in my office. I had the responsibility of working with International Students. I also had the role of intermingling with the students every six months, in the campus eatery holding an event for our university projects. There I heard racial slurs many times. The name calling, the threats based on race; yet, it was by members of the same race. Sometimes it were groups of team members walking through yelling across at each other, or groups of friends.

For many years, I have heard speakers say, “As an oppressed group, black men and women will always be oppressed if we put ourselves down by using words such as “coon, nigga, nigger, or any other slang word such as this” to refer to each other. How can we expect others white, black, red, yellow; whatever color a man or woman is, how can we expect them to treat man or woman of color with respect, if we can’t.” This has always been one of the most powerful statements I have ever heard. Instead of calling foul, when people without color say derogatory statements or terms, stand up when people of color say it, and stop it all together.

Just like in this situation, instead of standing up after the fact, stand up when it happens. It happened in Oklahoma, so let’s stand up around the world and say, “Yes, me too! Guess what I did. Nothing, for me. Nothing for my fellow-man. Nothing for my school. Oh, but when the cameras and the reporters came, that is when I did something. That is when I used my voice, my name and I became the headline in a paper and I became part of this blog.”

The thing is, I am writing this blog. I am telling about this young man, and, his tremendous act of bravery, as well as for the act of kindness paid forth in the reports by OU. So for OU, your SAE has made your loss, most definitely the gain for Alabama with Jean Delance, who has made a stand of great character. For Louisiana Tech, and the many that will follow, it is such a shame students remained silent and senseless in the face of negativity, until the media comes? Then they choose not to remain in silent peril. It is with this reason, I feel silence has spoken loudly. Delance chose to speak out in negativity, despite what would happen to his name in the media. Since others have chosen to sit in silence, I will leave their identification, once again in regards to this blog, silent.

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