The Argument on Gun Control Expands at a Drastic Rate

     Once again, another school shooting prompts President Obama to draw a line of principle affecting the nation. Letters from students were delivered to the President, requesting him to take heed of their requests. Some of these letters, in which you can recognize the lingo of a parent writing within. Americans across the land are just on the brink of financial struggles, and parents in general are struggling to break away from regulations they feel infringe upon them personally. It is a touchy subject. How do you tell a child their friends will not return to school ever again? How do you explain to a student their favorite teacher will not return because she has gone away with the children? The kids talk to each other. They know the teacher’s son was sick and he is the one that hurt their teacher. He is the one is who told their friends. They remember seeing this boy coming by the classroom. They may even remember him smile or wave. Where is the line of trust?

     Is President Obama worried about the children of America? If you watched his presentation in Newtown when he was there for his speech the day after the shooting, you would know, that first and foremost, you saw the response of a parent, a protector, and a man who felt he had lost. This man was broken, and empathized as a parent with everyone there. There is our President everyone blames for the money. They blame him for the war. They blame him for these people getting, everything.

     Yet still, I continue hear People continue to complain about their Second Amendment Right. Recently, I spoke to a family member, an avid hunter. I could only picture him walking him through the woods, carrying nothing, but a handful of feathers, or even less with his assault rifle over his shoulder. “Tomorrow, I am going squirrel hunting!” My only thought was, I hope you change weapons or you will be wasting time.

     Of course, there was also the conversation going on at the restaurant loud enough for twenty tables to hear. The gentleman was complaining how the President is reluctant to put an armed guard at each school. After all the President’s children, are protected while they are at school. Don’t our children deserve the same right? Of course they do, and if I was President, I am sure I would be held to that same level of accountability while my parents are constant targets of snipers, not only from other countries, but from our country as well. However, in rural areas, it is not uncommon for 7-8 year olds to have rifles at very young ages. An armed guard at the doorway could actually provoke a younger boy child to become aggressive; while some of the younger girls may have been raised to be fearsome in these situations.

     “The restrictions are changing by expanding background checks on gun buyers including private sales, and is using his executive authority to increase the information available in data banks in the background checks systems.  As of this time, nearly 40% of gun sales are conducted by private individuals now exempt from checking the backgrounds of buyers. The federal agencies remove barriers that might prevent states from providing information, particularly mental health data that would prevent information from being obtained.” (Thomas, K. and J. Kuhnhenn)

 Associated Press, (Thomas, K. and J. Kuhnhenn)

                Published January 17, 2013, in the Ruston Daily Leader, The Park Bench.



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