Cell Phone Dependency

    It never seems to end, you know?

Phones! Just this morning, the first thing that jumped on the Yahoo page browser was a new announcement about phones. Just yesterday there was a write-up about the Apple Phone 5, no 4SI. Who really knows what it is called? All I know is it is called dependency. Before long there will be rehabilitation centers for phone dependency.     

I can’t be serious, right? Oh yes! Very serious, because you ask yourself how many times you have left your house, and forgot to take your cell phone? Okay, now out of those times, how many times did you go back and get it? Did you leave it because you are in a hurry? I remember one time I left the house, dropped off Ally, and was traveling off of Rough Edge Road to hit the Sonic for my Cherry Sprite Zero, and thought, oh man, I forgot my cell phone. Oh well, I am not going back to get it now. Besides I have a phone on my desk, if someone really needs to call me.

My day hadn’t begun before my mother, Laverne had not called and said, “Did you forget to charge your phone again?” I am notorious for doing this, so I skipped the jab and said, “No, left it at the house, and didn’t have time to go back and get it.”  So then she started with the reasons you should have your phone with you when you leave the house. I started to give her the reasons she had told us why we shouldn’t stop if the car broke down, or if I had been in a wreck and was killed, how I wouldn’t really need the phone, but I saved those to humor my sister and Delores, post aspirin, later in the morning. Then I was saved from more pleasant conversation by my cheery office professor who worked next door.

The one thing that still remains is the

Love-Hate relationship we have with the phone/text mobile command with us approximately 18 hours of the day. Unless it is charging, it is with you. Without regards to other people, it is with you. I have lost friends for a period of time until they realize that if they are talking to me, I deserve the 15 minutes of time. If the phone rings, that is what voice mail is for. Make me a priority and finish our conversation. If they say, “Hang on, I gotta get this.” I leave. Get in my car and leave. That was my time. Apparently, I am only worth your time if I call you, so I will just call you if I want to talk to you again. They usually get the picture.

     It is called Phone Etiquette. I think people should realize it. But some people are so dependent on their phones they would rather have a relationship with a phone than a person. For instance, I went to the physician’s office. I was sitting beside a nice lady, we had greeted each other as strangers do, and I began to read. Then, there it was the toast sound from an Apple phone when a person has a text. I glance to the right, and there is a young girl signing in, with two ladies behind her waiting, and she is filling out the sign in form, but her phone had clinked. And the “gotta get this” began.

Every time it clinked, she stopped to text. After the third time, it seemed to stop. But I was enjoying the game. So I set my text to toast, and I moved as if looking through the magazines and sent myself a message. With the clink, she stopped to check. So, I did it again. And once more, she checked. The third time, she looked and the lady behind her said, can we sign in please? She apologized and I thought, if I do it again, will she look once more, taking the chance on being throttled, or keep writing? But then the nurse called my name. And as I walked by and placed the magazine on the table, I smiled at the lady, who had told the clerk upon my arrival she was 72. She smiled back and said, “I wish I had her number.” “I wanted to see what happened next.” “This is better than the soaps.” I just winked at her and snickered as I went to the back.

Published October 20, 2011, Ruston Daily Leader, The Park Bench.

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